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Ebong Eka, CPA, President
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"Leadership means improving sales, customer service & providing employees with the right set of skills!" - Ebong Eka

Employee Development, Leadership Training and Sales Team Training

Every growing business depends on systems, sales and employees. Stagnant business growth can often be attributed to deficiencies in either systems, sales and/or employees.

Our primary goal is to use our "Leadership Framework" to provide results oriented solutions to our customers. We realize that not all companies are the same. As a result, we customize our "Leadership Framework" to the needs of our customers.

Whether it's employee retention problems, stagnant sales, unmotivated staff or poor customer service results, we will provide the solutions to get you back on track!

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About EKAnomics!

Ebong Eka is a Certified Public Accountant, TEDx, conference and keynote speaker in the areas of leadership development, motivation, corporate training, business and pricing strategies.  He founded EKAnomics to help companies train, empower and improve employee performance as well as accelerate the leadership skills of managers!



Founder & CEO, Vinofest

“Ebong has a natural gift for life coaching . He's patient, understanding and a great listener. He's truly adept at understanding how to tap into the positive cognitive triggers that counter fearful and negative thoughts so you reinforce positive thinking to be your best self. I would recommend Ebong to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives.”


Leadership Seminar Chair, Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership

“A dynamic, relatable and innovative speaker, Ebong Eka has been inspiring the youth of Washington, DC for each of the last four years.  With a wealth of diverse experiences, Eka engages and motivates his audience to live in the moment and make a difference. Additionally, he teaches them how to use social media as a powerful tool.  He has been an incredible anchor of the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership program!”


Social Media Marketing Manager from Ooma, Inc.

“Ebong was completely professional and used his expertise to accomplish our digital media outreach goals. His input, knowledge and experience allowed us to not only meet but exceed our intended metrics. We're excited to work with him again!”


Founder, DiCon Consulting

“Ebong you are an amazing creative thinker. Your probing questions, insightful manner and ability to get to the heart of the matter is profound. You were able to provide me with clarity and confidence to move forward, regarding the decision I was faced with. Thank you for being the type of person who always reaches for the stars, and encourages others to go there with you”



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