Problems We Solve

Every growing business depends on systems, sales and employees. Stagnant business growth can often be attributed to deficiencies in either systems, sales and/or employees.

Our primary goal is to use our "Leadership Framework" to provide results oriented solutions to our customers. We realize that not all companies are the same. As a result, we customize our "Leadership Framework" to the needs of our customers.

Whether it's employee retention problems, stagnant sales, unmotivated staff or poor customer service results, we will provide the solutions to get you back on track!

Our Leadership Framework Includes:

* Develop, train and empower your Sales Teams

Develop and empower your Customer Service Team

* Develop, train and empower your employees

* Employee leadership and development 

We tailor our program to address the needs of your team and company in order to achieve your desired results. There's also the additional option of quarterly training which further ensures the continuous achievement of desired results.  Let's get started creating a workshop that provides the results you desire today.

Let's Get Started Today!

There's no reason to add more time to the decision to speak with us. Our process is simple. We quickly discuss your needs, tailor a proposed course of action, discuss our implementation strategy and get to work. To start, please send an email of inquiry to our Director of Marketing below.

Our Location

900 South Washington St,
Suite G-6
Falls Church, Virginia

Our Contact Information

Ebong Eka, CPA, President
Email: Click here to email us

Phone: 571-249-3416


Three Key Features/Services of EKAnomics

  • Live Interactive Workshops

    We offer live and dynamic interactive workshops with your group or team. We use surveys to discover patterns in order to empower and align your team to pull out the leaders within them and the organization.

  • Online & Continuous Learning

    At EKAnomics, we believe in a continuous and holistic approach to employee empowerment, leadership training and corporate development instead of a ‘one off’ training.

  • Executive & Leadership Training

    Achieving peak performance and high level results are possible with the right system. As a former college and professional basketball player and high achiever, Ebong has developed a toolkit that translates to results both on and off the court!